Meningitis vaccine breakthrough

Around one in ten victims of meningitis die in the UK. Now Chilean scientists have tested a newly developed vaccine that brings hope of eradicating the disease.

There’s more to Punta Arenas than El Viento (penguins for one)

We travelled to the windy city of Punta Arenas in Southern Chile. It is in fact the most southerly city in the world. But there is more than climate and geography to Punta Arenas...

Entrama: Dos Lunas

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  Chilean super funksters Los Mono caused an internet sensation with the infectious Promesas and the outrageously quirky video that's gone viral on youtube. The track is from Los Mono Somos Los Que Estamos which you can get from itunes…

Camila Moreno: Don’t mention the F word

Camila Moreno's newly released album Panal (honeycomb) is the latest and third offering from the young Chilean musician. In something of a departure from her earlier work (e.g. about half the songs in her debut album almismotiempo are heavily influenced…

Atacama Desert timelapse



Film Club

Film club: Tan lejos como aquí

A young woman recalls the story transmitted to her by her great-grandmother and attempts to retrace the steps that unfold in the story for her younger sister.

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