Spend more on research to avoid crisis

Recently published in the highly respected academic journal Science a group of scientists in Chile have issued a warning that the country may be falling behind others in their planning and spending for research. The authors, lead by Pablo Astudillo of t…

Download Chilean music

We are big music fans here at chileno.co.uk and talk a lot about Chilean music. While it is certainly possible to get hold of some Chilean artists (the most well-known or traditional artists) from the usual sources, it can be extremely frustrating/impos…

Tourism in Chile

We asked the Chilean Government what they see as key long term priorities for the development of the Chilean economy in the coming years. Tourism was the answer they gave us. They view this sector as playing a a key role in the future development of the…


Nano Stern – Los Espejos

  Nano Stern Los Espejos Los Espejos is the third outing from Chilean Nano (Fernando) Stern who forms part of the so called new Chilean wave of musicians. A mature and intelligent album Los Espejos has earned Stern internationa…

Are Los Bunkers the best rockeros in Chile?

Los bunkers, arguably Chile's most famous rock quintet, originally hail from the southern Chilean city of Concepcion and moved to Santiago a year after forming in 1999, but have been based in Mexico since 2008.

Atacama Desert timelapse



Film Club

Film club: Tan lejos como aquí

A young woman recalls the story transmitted to her by her great-grandmother and attempts to retrace the steps that unfold in the story for her younger sister.

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