Fog-catchers in the desert: Confessions of a cultural anthropologist

Professor Horacio Larrain reflects on his time working on the fog-catching projects in northern Chile and asks whether enough has been done to help local communities in providing them with water. What is the end point of science? Should it also be applied?

La Pérgola de la Flores: Universidad Autónoma, Chile

We are pleased to support the Universidad Autónoma, Chile in their production of the classic Chilean musical  “La Pérgola de las Flores”, which is being performed this September around the time of the Independence Day festivities. La Pérgola de las Flor…

The Music of Chile

  Many countries are known for a unique style or genre of music, Chilean music speaks to the diversity and richness of its culture as social and regional subjects influenced its past and present sound. Cueca The national dance of Chile is the “cueca,…


Nano Stern – Los Espejos

  Nano Stern Los Espejos Los Espejos is the third outing from Chilean Nano (Fernando) Stern who forms part of the so called new Chilean wave of musicians. A mature and intelligent album Los Espejos has earned Stern internationa…

Trostrigo – Chilean New Wave

Trostrigo: I was born in Rancagua, and stayed there until I finished high school, then I travelled to Talca to study at the University, then I left Talca and went to Buenos Aires ... I learned to play the guitar in high school and I worked so that I cou…

Atacama Desert timelapse



Film Club

Film club: Tan lejos como aquí

A young woman recalls the story transmitted to her by her great-grandmother and attempts to retrace the steps that unfold in the story for her younger sister.

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