Chilean Miners Game

The 33 Chilean miners involved in the Copiapó mining accident of August 2010, caught up in a potential death trap some 700 metres underground were all successfully rescued at the cost of a whopping $20 million USD (up to one third provided by private…

Alien Gun’s debut album: Dreaming at 1420 MHz

Alien Gun, a four-piece prog rock band from Santiago de Chile are currently about to release their debut album, Dreaming at 1420 MHz, which is currently available as a free mp3 download. We spoke to the band about the album and their music. Chileno: So…

Depression: A leading cause of disability in South America

A study published this week in the respected academic journal PLOS Medicine shows the extent to which death and disability is attributable to clinical depression. The authors analysed the overall burden of depression as well as breaking it down by region.

The continued need for education in Chile

Despite huge revenues generated from the production of copper (approximately 14.4% of GDP) and the low level of government borrowing, there is still much inequality in Chile. The graph below shows the Human Development Index (HDI) plotted against the…

Montana Magica: A most unusual hotel

Located some 860 km south of the capital Santiago, East of Valdivia in the foothills of the Andes in the Region de Los Rios, this extraordinary hotel is found in the Huilo Huilo biological reserve

Los Bunkers: Cancion Para Manana

Los Bunkers at the Festival de Vina del Mar 2012

Chile: All ways surprising

Yeah ok so the voice over guy is a bit odd at the beginning but the images are amazing and it's a great track too. Reminds you of what an awesome country Chile is (and no, we don't work for the tourist board!)

Carrie the Chilean dancing dog

Is this dog abuse!? Hopefully not, she looks very happy. We worry about those hips though... Inany event, looks like 'Carrie' is going to be  a star!

The abortion controversy

Regular readers will be aware of the study recently published in PLoSONE on maternal mortality rate (MMR) trends in Chile and the American  continent. Professor Koch from Universidad Católica, Concepción and colleagues from Universidad de Chile and othe…


Like most Latin American countries where Spanish is spoken (all apart from Brasil), the variety of Spanish in Chile is different to that found in Spain. Chileans have a way with words and some would say a different way of expressing their thoughts. A sl…