Income in Chile: The regions

Part 1 of a Factorium mini-series on wages in Chile investigating at average income levels around the country. Income by the regions.

Academic salary in 29 countries

A report penned by Eduardo Cabrera in Chilean newspaper La Tercera (28/1/2013, p.7) shows that academics in the country receive some of the highest salaries in Latin America. Chilean academics working in state universities earned an average monthly sala…

Economic growth in Chile tops OECD

The latest OECD Economic Outlook report looks bleak for the majority of OECD countries and yet Chile is continuing its good growth of recent years. With 50 million out of work in the OECD areas, and no prospect of relief in the forseable future, the wor…

Chile has highest inequality in OECD

Chile became the first South American member of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 2010, following great strides in economic development. For example, Chile currently has a healthy government borrowing to GDP ratio proj…

Chile has more ‘economic freedom’ than the UK & US

The Heritage Foundation have published the 2012 Economic Freedom Index and the results make for interesting reading. For the first time the scores for Chile is higher than both the UK and the US.