Internet speeds in South America

A regularly updated comparison of internet speeds in South America, with the UK given as comparison after news that the Chilean Senate recently supported the proposal to guarantee internet speeds in the country.

Alcohol consumption in Chile

A new report from the World Health Organization shows that Chileans consume more alcohol than any other South American Country and more than people in the US. But not more than the Brits.

Income in Chile: The regions

Part 1 of a Factorium mini-series on wages in Chile investigating at average income levels around the country. Income by the regions.

The food paradox

An infographic showing the seeming paradox between obesity in Chile and poverty.

Copper profit versus GDP in Chile

An infographic showing copper profit in Chile of mining giant BHP Billiton against GDP.

Poverty by regions in Chile

Here we explore the poverty rates in Chile by region. The data were collected as part of the 2011 Casen Survey in Chile and reveal some striking regional variations in rates.

Tourism in Chile

We asked the Chilean Government what they see as key long term priorities for the development of the Chilean economy in the coming years. Tourism was the answer they gave us. They view this sector as playing a a key role in the future development of the…