Tomato War

Scenes of  a large tomato fight in Quillon, Chile during the 'war of the tomato'. Producers supplied the tomatoes partly in a bid to raise awareness of the industry in the country.

Student Movement Marks Radical Shift in Chilean Politics

The student protest movement is not often fully covered in English-speaking media. Here is a good explanation of the situation.

Reaccion de Hitler a proyecto Hidroaysen

Para todos los chilenos.

Fun in the snow!

Snowboarding in Huilo Huilo

Carrie the Chilean dancing dog

Is this dog abuse!? Hopefully not, she looks very happy. We worry about those hips though... Inany event, looks like 'Carrie' is going to be  a star!

La Mano del Desierto

La Mano Del Desierto - Sculpture in the Atacama Desert by Mario Irarrazabal:

Insane cycling in Chile

Chilean hill cycling...Don't try this at home!