Fog-catchers in the desert: Confessions of a cultural anthropologist

Professor Horacio Larrain reflects on his time working on the fog-catching projects in northern Chile and asks whether enough has been done to help local communities in providing them with water. What is the end point of science? Should it also be applied?

Getting it right on abortion in Chile: A necessary correction in The Guardian

In light of a recent article published in The Guardian on abortion ban in Chile, Director of The MELISA Institute, Professor Elard Koch discusses a necessary correction in the article and why it is important for Chile.

The militarisation of Mapuche regions in Chile

On the heels of political controversy in Chile over the treatment of the Mapuche people in Araucanía (Southern region of Chile), political scientist Claudio Fuentes gives his considered view on the recent anti-terror laws.

Arturo Vidal: A king is not beyond the law

Can Vidal put in a performance against Uruguay to redeem himself after his drink driving high speed crash shame?

A new treatment for Alzheimers?

Chilean neuroscientist Dr Valentina Echeverria Moran outlines her research on a non-addictive chemical in tobacco that has been shown to reduce memory loss in animal models of Alzheimer's Disease as well as improve symptoms of depression. Based in the U.S. Moran appeals for funding to begin clinical trials in Alzheimer's.

Witnessing Earthquakes and Protest in Santiago

By Eilidh McEwan. Chile’s earthquakes were not the only shattering revelation the country and its people had in store for this Scottish traveller to the long and thin country.

Enjoy your meal…or else

Chilean Sociologist Ricardo Ayala explores the complex phenomenon that is food, by analysing the changes in eating habits of his compatriots in the context of an ever more rushed modern life and increasing work alienation.