Flowers in the Desert. The search for Chile’s disappeared

Ramona Wadi reviews the book Flowers in the Desert. The search for Chile’s disappeared, by Paula Allen. "We dug in the desert and sometimes came across strange bones. We were so frightened during those years that we would bury them again.”...

Film club: Machuca

Film club is all about celebrating Chilean film in all its forms. From shorts, to animation, documentary and full length features and classics. This week: A classic and possibly the best-known of all Chilean films to date, Machuca.

Leading contemporary Chilean art in London

33 Degrees South: Contemporary art from Chile A new event is to take place in London, celerating contempory artists from Chile.  If you're in London or planning to go around this time, it promises to be a fascinating exhibition. Curated by Cecilia B…

Share your Chilean stories! Compartan sus historias de Chile!

Tienes una historia interesante de Chile que quieras compartir con nosotros?  Envíala a para que sea considerada y publicada en nuestro blog! Requisitos: una buena historia y bien escrita, no más de 300 palabras y una foto de buena c…

The walking Moai theory

Were the Moai positioned into their final resting place by walking them? Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo suggest that this was the method used by the islanders to move the giant heads into place after they had been carved from solid rock. The pair expound the…

Intelligent crows rival 7 year old children in tests of logic

Study shows that New Caledonian crows may be smarter than 7 year-olds.

Reaccion de Hitler a proyecto Hidroaysen

Para todos los chilenos.

Chilean Chess: Joao Avalos

Chileno interviewed several ranked Chilean chess players. Joao talks to Chileno and gives us his insights into the game.

Seis Arriba

Here's a really groovy, psychedelic track called Seis Arriba by Philipina Bitch - enjoy :)

Film club review: My Last Round

Octavio is a champion boxer from the south of Chile. But when he meets Hugo, a young and attractive man, everything changes. As their relationship develops, Octavio realises that he cannot box forever. The couple move to Santiago to start afresh but all is not a bed of roses. My Last Round is released on DVD from the 9th of June. Follow @chilenocouk for a free DVD provided by Peccadillo Pictures.