The unique language of Chile

By Marcela de Vivo It is often remarked upon how the English spoken by Americans isn’t really “English,” but within the small area of the United Kingdom—or even just England—a diverse range of accents and slang can make one person almost unintelligible…

Alberto Salas Nicolau

Dr Alberto Salas Nicolau is a Chilean psychiatrist who completed his medical training at Chile's high ranking Universidad de Chile. He is married with two children and lives in La Herradura in Chile's region IV. Currently, Alberto is completing a Master…

Film club: Nostalgia de la Luz

Film club: The award-winning Nostalgia de la luz by Chilean director Patricio Guzmán. The Atacama desert is a gateway to the past for astronomers and archaeologists but the desert also holds dark secrets that some Chileans are reluctant to face up to.

My Virtual Journey Through Chile: Pisagua

During my stay in Arica I got to know many people and was made welcome in bars and restaurants and had enjoyed invitations to people’s homes. There were lively conversations and much interest in my journey. As I recounted the things that I had seen and…

Christopher Testa

Christopher Testa is an Australian radio presenter, journalist and news producer from Australia. You can follow Christopher on twitter @cmtesta and check out the radio station The Wire.

Madonna threatens to cancel show in Chile

Recently, on her South America tour 2012, Madonna recently threatened to cancel her only show in Chile. The singer told the gathering crowd in Santiago that she would stop the show if people would not stop smoking. In a video posted by the celebrity gos…

The walking Moai theory

Were the Moai positioned into their final resting place by walking them? Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo suggest that this was the method used by the islanders to move the giant heads into place after they had been carved from solid rock. The pair expound the…

Reaccion de Hitler a proyecto Hidroaysen

Para todos los chilenos.

El Cairo: Sunset

Chilean band El Cairo: Sunset. A bit Pearl Jam-ie?

The abortion controversy

Regular readers will be aware of the study recently published in PLoSONE on maternal mortality rate (MMR) trends in Chile and the American  continent. Professor Koch from Universidad Católica, Concepción and colleagues from Universidad de Chile and othe…