Film club: Nostalgia de la Luz

Film club: The award-winning Nostalgia de la luz by Chilean director Patricio Guzmán. The Atacama desert is a gateway to the past for astronomers and archaeologists but the desert also holds dark secrets that some Chileans are reluctant to face up to.

Internet speeds in South America

A regularly updated comparison of internet speeds in South America, with the UK given as comparison after news that the Chilean Senate recently supported the proposal to guarantee internet speeds in the country.

Fog-catchers in the desert: Confessions of a cultural anthropologist

Professor Horacio Larrain reflects on his time working on the fog-catching projects in northern Chile and asks whether enough has been done to help local communities in providing them with water. What is the end point of science? Should it also be applied?

Film club: Esperar

Film club is all about celebrating Chilean film in all its forms. From shorts, to animation, documentary and full length features and classics. To kick off, we have a love triangle short from Nicolás Rojas called Esperar.

My Virtual Journey Through Chile: Ocean voyage to Copiapo

Isabella the virtual traveller takes an ocean voyage to Caldera and Copiapo: I have been travelling in Norte Grande and seeing such stark beauty and noticing the way that all living things can and do adapt to their environment in such innovative ways.


Patagonia - to the sound of Jose Gonzalez

Chile 1973: Facing the past

ABC Australia documentary on the torture inflicted by members of the Pinochet dictatorship.

How to put on a swimming cap

The easiest way to put a swimming cap on! Has to be seen to be believed.

Fire in Valparaiso Chile

Moving documentary on the recent devastating fire in Valaparaiso that claimed the lives of 15 people.

My Virtual Journey Through Chile: San Pedro And Beyond

I am staying in a very comfortable hotel at the moment, it is close to a beach, has its own pool and also a conference room. By chance I have met two different groups of people attending conferences who have opened up further opportunities