Intelligent crows rival 7 year old children in tests of logic

Study shows that New Caledonian crows may be smarter than 7 year-olds.

Chilean goalkeeper Herrera scores penalty in 1-0 victory

Goalkeeper Johnny Herrera entered Chilean footballing history when he scored a penalty taking his side Universidad de Chile to a 1-0 victory against Real Garcilaso in the Copa Libertadores.

The fate of HidroAysen hangs in the balance for 60 days

A committee of ministers from Chile's new centre-left government have ruled that a decision will be made on whether the controversial HidroAysen hydroelectric power project will go ahead or not within 60 days.

The food paradox

An infographic showing the seeming paradox between obesity in Chile and poverty.

Another chance to see award-winning Chilean film Thursday Till Sunday

DE JUEVES A DOMINGO 26th of Feb 2014. The award-winning, atmospheric, thought-provoking and beautifully shot film by Dominga Sotomayor is to be shown again at The Proud Archivist in London.

Aymara culture protects against mental health problems

The Aymara people live close to the Andes mountain range in South America and have been through a process of urban migration in Chile. Many have moved from the altiplano to the coastal cities Arica and Iquique of Northern Chile.

My Virtual Journey Through Chile: Ghost towns

I have been staying in a hotel in Iquique for a while and my friend Claudio has returned to Arica, but not before introducing me to his aunt Anna-Maria and her large family. One of her daughters and I have travelled to the nearby Oasis of Pica for a

chileno gets Google upgrade recently received an upgrade by Google moving its Page Rank from 3 to 4.

Depression: A leading cause of disability in South America

A study published this week in the respected academic journal PLOS Medicine shows the extent to which death and disability is attributable to clinical depression. The authors analysed the overall burden of depression as well as breaking it down by region.