Is violence in schizophrenia on the increase?

According to research in the new Psychiatry journal from The Lancet, schizophrenia is associated with violent crime, premature death and suicide and the trend is rising. Matthew Owens reports.

Richard III was hunch-backed wasn’t he?

Richard III reigned from 1483 to 1485 until his death on the battlefield at Bosworth and was the last English king to die on the battlefield. Shakespeare portrayed him as ugly and deformed but how hunch-backed was the monarch in reality?

Found: The first Diplodocid in South America

A new species of dinosaur is discovered in Argentina. Leikupal laticauda, a cousin of Diplodocus, is the first Diplodocid to be found in South America.

Citizen divers help to count sharks

Non-scientist divers are as good as acoustic telemetry in detecting and recording the profusion of shark populations, according to new research by Australian scientists.

Intelligent crows rival 7 year old children in tests of logic

Study shows that New Caledonian crows may be smarter than 7 year-olds.