A report penned by Eduardo Cabrera in Chilean newspaper La Tercera (28/1/2013, p.7) shows that academics in the country receive some of the highest salaries in Latin America. Chilean academics working in state universities earned an average monthly salary of  $3,700 USD (around £28,000 per annum); a rate higher than most in the region including Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. only surpassed by Argentina. Nevertheless the average academic salary for Chile was found to be a full 6% below the international average.

The analysis was based on a joint study, carried out by the Boston College Center for International Higher Education (CIHE) and the Laboratory for Institutional Analysis (LIA) at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, in which 28 countries were surveyed. The study included all lecturers, both full and part-time and considered academic remuneration in terms of basic gross salaries in 2008 but incentives or bonuses were excluded from the analysis.

The figures are standardised using purchasing powerparity (PPP).

Top paying Chilean universities included Talca, Tecnológica Metropolitana and Tarapacá, awarding average monthly salaries of $5,725 USD, $4,564 USD and $4,283 USD, respectively. Surprisingly, the average salary at the highly regarded Universidad de Chile in Santiago was only slightly higher than the average for the country at $3,796 USD. The worst payers were Valparaíso and Playa Ancha, dolling out a mere average of $2,600 USD (less than an annual salary of £20,000).

The full international comparison data can be seen in the table below


Country Average monthly gross salary (PPP) USD
Estimated annual gross salary in sterling GBP
 Canada  $7,196  £54,570
 Italy  $6,955  £52,812
 South Africa  $6,531  £49,590
 India  $6,070  £38,410
 USA  $6,054  £45,968
 Saudi Arabia  $6,002  £45,576
 UK  $5,943  £45,128
 Australia  $5,713  £43,378
 Holland  $5,313  £40,341
 Germany  $5,141  £32,520
 Norway  $4,940  £37,509
 Israel  $4,747  £36,046
 Nigeria  $4,629  £29,290
 Malaysia  $4,628  £35,140
 Argentina  $3,755  £28,513
 Chile  $3,718  £28,232
 France  $3,484  £26,420
 Japan  $3,743  £28,422
 Brazil  $3,179  £24,104
 Colombia  $2,702  £20,517
 Turkey  $2,597  £19,720
 Czech Republic  $2,495  £18,920
 Mexico  $1,941  £14,739
 Latvia  $1,785  £13,554
 Kazakhstan  $1,553  £11,792
 Ethiopia  $1,207  £9,152
 China  $720  £5,467
 Russia  $617  £4,685
 Armenia  $538  £4,085

 Source: La Tercera.


  1. IN INDIA,
    For goverment Institutions, Salary is from 1Lacs to 2Lacs per month around.
    In Private Institutions its 50000 RS to 1.5Lacs per month around.
    I m Surprise to see indian data here.

    • Thanks for the comment Raj, good to know what the real salary range is in India. Don’t forget that the Chilean author of this report gives the salaries in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) U.S. dollar equivalent, not exchange rate USD. PPP is calculated for each country based on cost of living and inflation etc.


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