We had a chat with Cristobal Torres, the hands behind the Chilean electronic music that is Minimental, who took time out to speak to chileno about what he’s up to at the moment. Cristobal is from Santiago and his style is a mix of progressive trance, techno & experimental music. He has been playing music for several years now and describes himself as an ‘active lover of the underground music scene’. After DJing for several years, he now produces his own music, a mix of progressive techno with a twist. Minimental has performed worldwide including Chile, South Africa and Spain.

chileno:       So, what have you been up to recently Cristobal?

Well,  I`ve been releasing music on a new label based in Chile for progressive and psychedelic trance `Digital Yonkis Records`, an EP and a compilation album have been released with good feedback from everyone, so I’m really happy about it!

chileno:       How would you describe your sound and what are some of your main influences?

It’s kinda difficult to define, because it’s a mix of styles; progressive, deep, techno psychedelic…even experimental. It’s something that flows, I can`t push myself to create a style that I don’t fit in. My main influences came from the time when i produced psytrance, lots of the old school wave of the psychedelic techno sounds and of course new sounds too, to name a few: Atmos, Behind Blue Eyes, Sun Control Species, Perfect Stranger, X-Dream, Saiko pod, Kox Box, Penta, Ocelot, Iboga Records, Spiral Trax, Digital Structures, Flow, Echoes, etc.

chileno:      Are there any British sounds that you like? Boards of Canada or Aphex Twin for example?

Well, Simon Posford, Twisted Records, Tip Records, Prometheus, Eat Static, Shpongle, ManwithnoName, TRISTAN, NaNo,Dick Trevor,AMD, etc,etc,etc.

chileno:       What’s your philosophy in making music?

Just flow and create something new, not a copy, not thinking about a hit…just create.

chileno:       When did you first get into music?

At 10, when my dad gave me a drum, then I played a bit of bass til 14. After that, nothing til 2004, when I introduced myself into psychedelic trance. That´s when I met people involved and started DJing and since 2007 producing.

chileno:       Do you play in clubs a lot?

Well, there have been two years with not much music activity, playing just a few times a year, but now I’m focusing on music again, releasing and producing in my new studio.

chileno:       What’s the electronica scene like in Chile today?

Techno scene is quite big, good artists coming every month and good parties, psychedelic is serious, with some consolidated festivals and parties in the city often. Very good artists are coming up, good music and very professional in what they do, so it´s good for everyone.

chileno:       What other Chilean groups do you like?

Well, of course most of my friends producers/DJs from the label and others, they are producing massive tunes! Moaiact, Zlott, Electryxeed, Zoologic, Soldier, Sumerian Droids, Solar, Magnizm and more.

chileno:      Have you got any live gigs coming up?

Yes, but no official date to confirm.

chileno:   When you are not playing music what do you like doing?

I`m with my little daughter Rafaella a lot, but after work I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 3 times a week, and after being with Rafa i try to go cycling whenever possible, be with family, friends, outdoors, sports, cool stuff you know.

chileno:   What are you most excited about at the moment

Being a father. 🙂

chileno:   What are your plans for 2013?

Release a lot of music, play lots, have fun and of course, enjoy!

Keep up with Minimental via facebook.


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