Film Club

Film club is all about celebrating Chilean film in all its forms. From shorts, to animation, documentary and full length features and classics. This week a short called Tan lejos como aquí. Enjoy.


Title: Tan lejos como aquí
Director: Paulina Soto Cisternas
Year: 2013
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Running time: 20 minutes


A young woman recalls the story transmitted to her by her great-grandmother and attempts
to retrace the steps that unfold in the story for her younger sister. The search is on for
a lagoon, a rare white flower, and a sacred tree visible from the top of a mountain. Help is found
in the form a a group of villagers, the only ones who believe they inhabit a kind of paradise, despite the arrival of heavy
mining industry.

Tan  lejos com aquí

Tan lejos como aquí from Familia asp on Vimeo.


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