Film Club

Film club is all about celebrating Chilean film in all its forms. From shorts, to animation, documentary and full length features and classics.

This week: A classic and possibly the best-known of all Chilean films to date, Andres Wood’s Machuca. 


Title: Machuca
Director: Andres Wood
Year: 2004
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Running time: 121 minutes


Machuca is a coming of age story that tells director Andres Wood’s semi-autobiographical tale set in President Allende’s Marxist Santiago. Father McEnroe is sympathetic to the left-wing views prevalent in the country at the time and allows working class students to enter his elitist Catholic school. Pedro Machuca, from a poor barrio, hooks up with Gonzalo Infante who comes from a wealthy background. The boys become friends and come to learn more about the different worlds that each inhabit. However, everything changes after the dictator Augusto Pinochet comes to power.



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