As Chilean Presidential candidate Michelle Bachelet begins her campaign, questions arise as to the ability of the center-left coalition to tackle the extreme inequality that plagues the nation. As reported by

Center-left coalition leader and former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet looks for a second Presidential term, focusing on themes of inequality, universal education, and tax reform. But have lessons been learned from the previous coalition terms?


Former President Michelle Bachelet, now official center-left coalition Concertación candidate for the 2014 presidential elections has sketched out a campaign strategy based on the reduction in income inequality, “those who earn more, contribute more”, and educational reform, which she has recently suggested would be funded by an overhaul of the tax system.


In her formal acceptance of the Concertación nomination Bachelet said, “Combating inequality is what gives us a purpose to be here. It’s the fine print that affects millions of consumers who are in debt. It’s the salary gap between men and women and the inability of workers to negotiate collectively.”

Matthew Owens




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