Patricio Zamorano is a singer song-writer, poet, writer, journalist, political analyst and academic currently at George Washington University. He was formerly an analyst at the Organisation of the American States. Patricio has a news and analysis blog, Recently in 2010 Patricio Zamorano won by unanimous decision the First Prize of the national competition “The Chilean Press and the Bicentennial”, organized by  the Society of Journalists of Chile and the University of Santiago, with his, “Chile en tres actos” (“Chile in three acts”) (  Patricio Zamorano is also an analyst of international affairs and writer, and has published innumerable journalistic articles including stories, interviews and columns, in various American and Spanish media outlets. His collaborations as a political analyst and writer include CNN in Spanish, Al Jazeera, Telesur, Univision, BBC and BBC Mundo, La Opinión de California, ContraPunto de El Salvador, Radio Pacífica y Radio Miami, and various Chilean media (magazines like El Periodista, Mensaje, Caras, Plan B, The Clinic; newspapers like La Nación and La Época; radio-station like Bío Bío and Cooperativa; TV stations like TVN, CNN Chile, Canal 2). Patricio Zamorano is also a member of the Chilean Performing Rights Organization, as well as the Professional Association of Chilean Journalists, and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists of the United States.