A great concept is always simple and the idea from the people at Mapa Fílmico de un País (MAFI) is no exception. The aim is to create a filmic map of every quarter of Chile and Chilean life with sections on politics, entertainment, lifestyle, technology and ecology. Short clips of film expose the naked flesh of all that it is to be Chilean from political demonstrations, indigenous ways of life, historical figures, football terrace scenes and religion. As the viewer weaves the fragments together into a kind of tapestry in the mind, they take a brief submersion into the collective consciousness of Chile. Sometimes funny, at others challenging and provocative, MAFI is always thought-provoking. The authors explain below:

“MAFI is a web platform for Chilean authors showing short documentaries of the Chile of today. The format is simple: one fixed shot, about one or two minutes duration and the natural sound of the recording. Altogether these films from all over Chile form an audiovisual map of the country whereby the personal views and tidy images of the authors offer a space for the viewer to reflect and discuss about our history, our present and our times ahead.

We selected a few films to give a flavour of the experience. The first captures some of the student protests earlier in 2012:

The second shows the Aymaran New Year on winter solstice paying tribute to the Machamama (mother earth).

This clip shows pepole returning from the Huáscar which was boarded by national hero Arturo Prat and later captured from the Peruvians.

This video shows children playing being doctors.  The children are being guided by a professional to operate a patient.  It feels real and give these kids a chance to explore the role of professions organised by kidZania Santiago.


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