So has Chile learned what to do in case of a tsunami?

Apparently yes!  Well at least we are starting to see some progress.  The largest ever tusmani drill has recently been held where thousands of people have participated.  This is a step closer to keeping things under control and organised in case of catastrophe.

The earliest tsunami ever recorded in Chile occurred in 1562 in Arauco and Concepción and since then over 26 tsunamis have disembarked on Chilean coasts.  The main coast lines areas affected have been: Antofagasta, Valparaiso, Puerto Montt, Ovalle, Copiapó, Conquimbo, Iquique, Arica and Ancud.  Most of these places suffered recurrent hits, hence the need to incorporate and put into practice emergency measures so that the population is prepared for such an events.

Have a look at the bbc report translated into English:


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