We are all ok in the refuge, the 33 of us. Let's play! Photo credit: Wikipedia.

The 33 Chilean miners involved in the Copiapó mining accident of August 2010, caught up in a potential death trap some 700 metres underground were all successfully rescued at the cost of a whopping $20 million USD (up to one third provided by private donations, Chileans helping each other!) and countless man and woman hours. Hard work? Probably. But not as much fun as the Chilean miners game los33. Race down the mine shaft and rescue each trapped miner in turn. The game ends when the last miner has reached the surface; simplicity itself! This little addictive time-idler went absolutely viral in South America and it’s er.. educational as well… yeah… you get to learn all the names, ages and jobs of all the miiners! I scored a brilliant 10 mins 21 seconds which I’m positive is unbeatable ;). Clearly, it’s possible, although highly unlikely, that someone could beat the time, so if you do send a comment! We’ll have to insist on a screenshot though (of course I believe you though) for very fast times,  just to placate the cynics amongst us you understand!  You’ll need to refresh the page to reset the clock as the game is hardcoded to autoplay. Good luck all!


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