Chilean pesos. Photo credit: on Flickr

By Matthew Owens

As part of a Factorium mini-series on wages in Chile, Matthew Owens takes a look at average income levels around the country. First up is comparison of monthly income in Chile as a whole and by the regions by gender. The data for this analysis were drawn from the National Institute of Statistics, Chile. The current figures come form the Nueva Encuesta Suplementaria de Ingresos (NESI) and are given for 2012.

We can see from the table below that the average monthly income for Chileans is 430,919 chilean pesos (CLP), or around £460 at the time of writing. There is a large gender gap biased towards men throughout the country and several regional differences worth pointing out. As might be expected, income is sigificantly higher in the nation’s capital (Region Metropolitana) standing at 509,512 CLP but again driven largely by the men. Antofagasta, a mining area, shows some of the highest incomes with the noteable exception of Magallanes where incomes exceed those found in the capital for both men and women.

Average monthly income in Chile (CLP)
Region Total Men Women
Chile 430,919 500,787 338,791
Región de Arica y Parinacota 372,372 459,949 258,573
Región de Tarapacá 456,257 537,060 357,447
Región de Antofagasta 578,584 685,132 407,076
Región de Atacama 403,386 470,085 301,650
Región de Coquimbo 373,276 437,097 285,991
Región de Valparaíso 393,174 470,483 295,336
Región del Libertador Gral. Bernardo O’Higgins 343,626 383,645 286,302
Región del Maule 283,067 310,033 239,883
Región del Biobío 340,567 382,505 280,922
Región de La Araucanía 292,645 332,200 237,652
Región de Los Ríos 336,444 381,918 272,888
Región de Los Lagos 391,093 449,372 311,155
Región de Aysén del Gral. Carlos Ibañez del Campo 439,810 518,475 341,606
Región de Magallanes y Antártica Chilena 638,776 709,720 537,300
Región Metropolitana 509,512 603,326 395,328

Source: Nueva Encuesta Suplementaria de Ingresos, INE.


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