Film Club

Film club is all about celebrating Chilean film in all its forms. From shorts, to animation, documentary and full length features and classics. El bienestar de Julio (The wellbeing of Julio) is a short film by independent company 3 Tercios .


Title: El bienestar de Julio
Director: Pablo Arias Daud
Year: 2012
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Running time: 18 minutes


Julio works is a naive and somewhat awkward salesman for a nutritional shake company called Nútrete. He falls for his colleague Cristina, who leave to persue other avenues. When the hapless Julio tries to follow her he finds he is unable to before he pays his debt to Nútrete.

El bienestar de Julio

Cortometraje – El bienestar de Julio from Tres Tercios on Vimeo.


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