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Francisca Valenzuela releases her new

“Buen Soldado”


Tattoos, half naked ladies, men in suits gawking at pole dancers and drinking coffee, a strip joint and an adult theater, these are only some of the images that appear in Valenzuela’s new bold and exciting video, “Buen Soldado” (Good Soldier). The video was inspired directly by the lyrics of the song, which describe and exalt the macho way of life of those men who “always get what they want”, as Francisca sings. It shows a modern day, urban, suited version of the good-soldier, a cowboy-like character, who is no longer in the canteen, but lurks and lingers in  the dark, sordid and indulgent places around the city. The video is rhythmic, seductive and cinematographic: we see real places and real people. 


The video was recorded in Santiago, Chile, in very different venues, including a characteristic “Cafe con Piernas ” (Coffee with Legs), a unique type of coffee shop where clients are served their daily coffees by women with little clothing. The idea for the videoclip was a collaboration between Antonio Luco, Ignacio Rojas and the singer and songwriter. Ignacio Rojas had previously worked with Valenzuela on the videos for “Que Sería” and “Afortunada”, which he co-directed with Christopher Murray.


“Buen Soldado” is the fifth video of the album with the same name. Previous ones are: “Quiero Verte Más”, Qué Sería, En Mi Memoria and Esta Soy Yo. The new video, as the single, is being released in Latin America and Spain, where the single has received excellent reviews. In Chile, “Buen Soldado” is in the 10th place of the “top40” ranking from “40 principales”, being the only song from a national artist to be part of this list.


Francisca recently finished a succesful trip to Spain, incluiding presentations at Día de la Música Festival in Madrid,which also had performances of renowned artists such as Azaleia Banks, St. Vincent and Metronomy. The Chilean was the only Latin American artist invited to the event, and her performance was highlighted by  “Spoon and the Chilean Francisca Valenzuela also shone at Matadero”.Francisca traveled to Madrid after an extended tour through Mexico –during May and June–, in which she had ten shows alongside the Mexican singer- songwriter Ximena Sariñana, with a great response from the public and media.


At the moment, the singer and songwriter is in Los Angeles, California, working on songs for a third album and is preparing upcoming shows for Mexico, Spain, Chile and the US.




29 / Matucana 100 / Santiago, Chile / 8:00pm


31 / Teatro Regional del Maule / Talca, Chile / 8:00pm




01 / Discoteque Casino Marina delSol / Concepción, Chile / 10:00pm


07 / Centro Cultural Amanda / Santiago, Chile / 11:30pm


08 / Estadio Rock & Soccer / Antofagasta, Chile / 9:00pm



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