La Hell Gang, is a Chilean trio belting out 60’s style heavy rock, with one album released Just What is Real and another on its way. Guitarist Francisco Cábala spoke to us about the released album and other projects that he is currently invovled with:

“The album was recorded in one day, completely analogue, in 8 tracks reel to reel, with an old Vox guitar and one of the first fuzz pedals in history, we didn’t have any pretensions for it, it was what it was.”
It’s a solid album, well worth a listen and available from portaldisc, among other places, with many highlights including the title track.


  1. So much better
  2. Leave this town
  3. Out of my tomb
  4. Fireup
  5. Just what is real
  6. Left or right
  7. I think you are wrong
  8. Spending my time
  9. Around here
  10. It’s all in my soul

“Lately we have taken a break and I formed another band: “Chicos de Nazca”, from which 2 discs came out (the second one is about to be released) and also I got into electronica (under the name  KB Cabala), I am about to release my first LP.  We are playing together again with La Hell Gang and we will release our second album which was recorded in 2010.”

Chileno: We read that you are Boards of Canada fans is that true? How do you feel about rumours that they are about to release a new album?

“Of course, Boards of Canada are like gods, in my electronic side you can feel something close to them.  Yes I’ve heard they will probably release a new disc this year, it would be amazing, Boards of Canada have been getting better every year, their last album is simply incredible, I can’t imagine what would come out now.”

Chileno: In which part of Chile have you played, and are you guys interested in playing abroad?

“We have played with The Hell Gang mainly in the capital, but also in the south of Chile, and in 2010 in Goiania, Brazil. We have played with Chicos de Nazca, in various parts of Europe, Portugal (milhoes de Festa) Belgium (yellowstock Fest), London, Sheffield and Spain (Vitoria Gasteiz, Zaragoza and Barcelona). Now I am thinking about playing electronica, I intend to stay with a friend in Germany; I’m editing my LP to take with me.”


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