Chileno publishes articles from a range of people from those just starting out in their careers to seasoned journalists and experts in their respective fields. We also publish interview pieces with noteable Chileans from music legends to scientific experts. Submissions are encouraged from all individuals and groups and all parts of the political spectrum. We also encourage submissions from postgraduate students from all countries. Original content is strongly preferred but on occassion we accept articles that have been published elsewhere. These cases are usually when the original publication was in Spanish and a translation into English has been made.


We accept articles for consideration for publication in Chileno in both English and Spanish. The ideal situation is where the article is written in one of these languages and submitted along with a translation into the other. While we encourage authors to carry out the translations themselves we realise that this is not always possible. In such circumstances it is perfectly acceptable to submit articles in either language. It may also be possible for Chileno staff to aid in the translation of articles from Spanish to English or vice versa.


Article length is typically between 800 and 1200 words and should be a minimum of 500 words. Longer articles may be accepted at the discretion of the Editor.


  1. Chileno is an ever growing outlet reaching a wide audience in many countries around the world. It has the advantage of being largely bilingual and in so doing attracts a large readership. It aspires to being the leading authority on Chile and so whether you are Chilean or not, you will be part of a the ongoing dialogue about Chile, Latin America and the wider world.
  2. You are in good company. Noteable authors, publishing in The Independent, The Guardian, El Mostrador, CNN in Spanish among other outlets are already published in Chileno and the list is ever growing. Famous Chileans also appear in Chileno through a variety of pieces including interviews.
  3. Every published author will be added to the Contributor’s section with their own page where they can include as  much information and relevant links as they like. Authors will be asked to supply a photo, and biography as a minimum.
  4. The very best articles are added to the Featured articles section.
  5. Freedom. We operate a fairly open editorial policy that is accepting of most lines of enquiry, in contrast to many national newspapers both at home and abroad.
  6. For Chilean and other Latin American or Spanish authors publishing in Chileno can be a great way of reaching a UK and English-speaking world audience.
  7. In addition, translating your work means you can distribute it to a much wider audience, many more people will read your work.
  8. Chileno believes in open access publishing and wherever possible work is published under a creative commons license. This helps to ensure that the potential is always there for your work to receive as wide a coverage as possible. See the Usage section for more details.
  9. Chileno is currently featured on the NewsNow network which means your work will be distributed to an even wider audience. Monthly page views are in excess of 120 million:

 Pre-submission enquiries on suggested themes are always welcome. Contact us.